Uuni 3 Wood-Fire Oven Cooks Your Pizzas In 60 Seconds

  It was four years ago when we first heard of Uuni’s wood-fired ovens, which allow you to enjoy genuine Italian-style pizzas at a fraction of the cost. Well, that original design has evolved a lot since then, with the current-generation Uuni 3 now boasting even more efficient function. As with previous versions of the oven, the rig can be assembled and [...]

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uArm Swift Pro: You Can Program This Robot Arm To Serve As A Handy And Versatile Assistant

  Ever see an industrial robot arm and silently wish that there’s a residential version that you can put to work at home? Now you can with the uArm Swift Pro, an [...]

This Wind Turbine Gets Rid Of The Rotors In Favor Of Flapping Wings

  Wind turbines are great for generating clean power. Problem is, the noise and unwieldy size of those spinning rotors are likely to make them a nuisance when installed in [...]

This Ridiculous Wearable Surprisingly Solves A Very Common Problem

Yes, it’s the most ridiculous wearable we’ve seen, too. No matter how you feel about the way Hushme looks, however, you can’t deny it solves a very real problem – one [...]

Use The Envavo Heatbuff To Keep Your Fingers Warm And Limber During Long Gaming Sessions

Do you ever find it difficult to mash buttons while gaming and type out long diatribes on Facebook because your hands are too cold? Well, you might just be the target market [...]

INVENTION TUESDAY:Pirelli Connesso Equips Your Car’s Tires With Self-Analyzing Smarts

    Your car’s onboard computer can tell you a lot about how everything under the hood is doing. What it can’t tell you is the condition of your vehicle’s tires – [...]