Beyonce Suffering From Bad Morning Sickness

Beyonce Knowles is reportedly battling difficult second pregnancy. Rumor has it, the “Single Ladies” hitmaker is really surprised how difficult it has been for her to carry twins as it’s completely different from her first pregnancy, when she was carrying Blue Ivy.

According to a source, Beyonce is suffering from bad morning sickness. “When she was carrying Blue Ivy it all went super easy, and she flew through the pregnancy without hardly any side affects,” the source tells , “Bey has been hit really badly with bouts of morning sickness, which she hardly suffered last time.”

The source continues, “And, it doesn’t just occur in the morning, she’s suddenly slammed with these overwhelming feelings of dizziness and sickness at totally random times throughout the day too.”
While Beyonce wowed audience with her performance at the 59th Grammy Awards, she was actually getting extremely bad heartburn, especially at night, according to the source.
“She says her body aches like crazy, all over at times. She’s kinda nervous about how much worse the symptoms might get as time goes on, but
Jay-Z ‘s being crazy supportive, and totally there for her,” shares the source.

Another insider reveals that Jay-Z has been doting on Beyonce’s every need since they found out about her second pregnancy. “He has been showering his pregnant wife with gifts, flowers, her favorite chocolates, and even rubbing her feet every night,” says the insider, “Jay has made sure that every craving Beyonce has is met and lately that has been a lot of southern comfort food!”

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