New ‘Arrow’, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Flash’ Crossover Planned for Next Season

The CW and DC series’ producers are preparing something big. Series executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has revealed another epic crossover between “Arrow “, ” DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “, ” Supergirl ” and “The Flash ” is coming in the next season.

“Next year, we’re hoping to do a true four-way crossover,” said Kreisberg. “The great thing about our dear friends at The CW and Mark Pedowitz picking the shows up as early as they did has allowed us to start building the schedules for next season.”
Viewers might know that there was a four-way crossover between the four superheroes last fall. However, the crossover, which was titled “Invasion!”, left a slight dissapoinment for the fans because the fact that Supergirl wasn’t really involved in the crossover storyline.
Explaining why Supergirl wasn’t really featured in the crossover, Kreisberg said, “The thing that we didn’t really plan on – because we weren’t aware that we were going to switch Supergirl from CBS to CW and it was really going to be part of it – that was the one show that didn’t have built-in shut-down days, so all the other ones did.”

The executive producer continued, ” Melissa Benoist ended up being heavily in ‘Flash’ and then in ‘Arrow’, so ‘Supergirl’ was the one we needed to shut down the most and it was the one that we didn’t have any opportunity to.” He added, “Now that we’ve gotten the early pickup and we’ve started designing the seasons, we’re building in those dark days, and actually more dark days on ‘Supergirl’ than the other shows, to make it a little easier.”

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