This Exploding Ball Disperses Fire-Extinguishing Chemicals Across A 100-Foot Radius

Fire extinguishers are great, allowing you to quickly extinguish fires by simply spraying down on the flames. Problem is, quelling down a growing blaze takes time, apart from requiring you to come close enough to the flames that you could risk getting burns. That won’t be a problem for the AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball.

Unlike regular fire extinguishers, this one isn’t designed to be sprayed onto a burning object. Instead, you simply throw it in the direction of the fire, after which it will detonate on its own and disperse fire-extinguishing chemicals across a large radius. That’s right, the darn thing is, essentially, a fire-extinguishing grenade.

The AFO Fire according to Coolthings, Extinguisher Ball is a spherical object measuring 7 inches in diameter, with a full load of non-toxic fire suppressants inside, ready to deploy when needed. It’s designed to activate and disperse chemicals within five seconds of coming in contact with fire, so you can simply throw it like a basketball or roll it like a bowling ball into the heart of the blaze. Even better, it will spread the chemicals across a radius of up to 107 square feet, so a single one can put out a moderate blaze all on its own. Just make sure to have more on tap for those times the fire is a little bigger than a single one can handle.

Available now, the AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is priced at $60.


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