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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Linked with Differences in Gut Bacteria

People with chronic fatigue syndrome may have imbalances in their gut bacteria, a new study suggests. The study found that people with chronic fatigue [...]

Lacie’s Newest Dock Lets You Add Up To 120TB Of Storage To Your Laptop

Some people are fine working with nothing but the built-in drives on their laptops. Others need an extra terabyte or two hooked up on a constant basis. The [...]

Instant Pot Ultra Lets You Make Cake, Yogurt, And More In The Pressure Cooker

We’re big fans of Instant Pot and its versatile cooking functions, which allowed you to make a whole lot of meals using just a single countertop appliance. [...]

Cassina Swish: This May Be The Most Beautiful Folding Stool We’ve Seen

  We’ve seen plenty of folding chair designs, from purely utilitarian pieces to ones that double as functional décor. I have to say, though, we’ve never [...]

IllumiBowl Anti-Germ Sanitizes The Toilet While Lighting It Up In The Dark

  We’re big fans of Illumibowl’s toilet night light, which lets you see the target area in plain sight even with the lights totally switched off in the [...]