This Amphibious ATV Can Ride Eight Passengers And Drive Over Any Terrain

Remember the Mercedes Benz 6×6? It’s a great truck to ride when you’re expecting seriously rugged trails. What if you expect an attack from mountain bandits, supervillain henchmen, or Predators along with that bumpy ride? Maybe take the Avtoros Shaman to that adventure instead… Continue Reading

IllumiBowl Anti-Germ Sanitizes The Toilet While Lighting It Up In The Dark

We’re big fans of Illumibowl’s toilet night light, which lets you see the target area in plain sight even with the lights totally switched off in the bathroom. Yes, it was a goofy idea that turned out to be highly useful in practice. The Illumibowl Anti-Germ reprises the same function, all while blasting the bowl with germ-killing light to properly sanitize it… Continue Reading

This Exploding Ball Disperses Fire-Extinguishing Chemicals Across A 100-Foot Radius

Fire extinguishers are great, allowing you to quickly extinguish fires by simply spraying down on the flames. Problem is, quelling down a growing blaze takes time, apart from requiring you to come close enough to the flames that you could risk getting burns. That won’t be a problem for the AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball… Continue Reading

Cassina Swish: This May Be The Most Beautiful Folding Stool We’ve Seen

We’ve seen plenty of folding chair designs, from purely utilitarian pieces to ones that double as functional décor. I have to say, though, we’ve never quite seen anything like the Cassina Swish, a folding stool that’s been developed using an entirely new process… Continue RAEDING

Instant Pot Ultra Lets You Make Cake, Yogurt, And More In The Pressure Cooker

We’re big fans of Instant Pot and its versatile cooking functions, which allowed you to make a whole lot of meals using just a single countertop appliance. The Instant Pot Ultra, its latest iteration, further expands its talents, allowing it to cook even more recipes than before… Continue Reading

Lacie’s Newest Dock Lets You Add Up To 120TB Of Storage To Your Laptop

Some people are fine working with nothing but the built-in drives on their laptops. Others need an extra terabyte or two hooked up on a constant basis. The Lacie 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 is for a third type of user – the kind who needs access to massive, high-speed storage on the fly… Continue Reading