Your Brain Waves May Show Whether You’re Paying Attention in Class

You really can get on the same wavelength as someone else: In a new study, the brain waves of high school students synced up when they were highly engaged during a biology class. On 11 days over the course of one semester, researchers hooked up all 12 of the students in a biology class to portable devices called electroencephalograms (EEGs) that measured [...]

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DJI Goggles Let You Steer Your Drone And Aim Its Camera Using Head Movements

Yes, you can hack a VR headset to turn it into a motion controller for drones. Problem is, doing that requires a lot of coding that majority of folks just won’t be [...]

This Amphibious ATV Can Ride Eight Passengers And Drive Over Any Terrain

  Remember the Mercedes Benz 6x6? It’s a great truck to ride when you’re expecting seriously rugged trails. What if you expect an attack from mountain bandits, [...]

Uuni 3 Wood-Fire Oven Cooks Your Pizzas In 60 Seconds

  It was four years ago when we first heard of Uuni’s wood-fired ovens, which allow you to enjoy genuine Italian-style pizzas at a fraction of the cost. Well, that original [...]

uArm Swift Pro: You Can Program This Robot Arm To Serve As A Handy And Versatile Assistant

  Ever see an industrial robot arm and silently wish that there’s a residential version that you can put to work at home? Now you can with the uArm Swift Pro, an [...]

This Wind Turbine Gets Rid Of The Rotors In Favor Of Flapping Wings

  Wind turbines are great for generating clean power. Problem is, the noise and unwieldy size of those spinning rotors are likely to make them a nuisance when installed in [...]