The term relationship is not strange in courtship and marriage as it forms the building blocks for longlasting union,people always claim to have gathered enough knowledge on this subject but are still beclouded by challenges in practice, I always say that you cannot be preparing for a CHEMISTRY exam by reading a PHYSICS textbook, if we all accept the fact that God is the institutor of RELATIONSHIP[Marriage and courtship], then we must follow His manual for guidance to a successful union, relating properly matters because a poor relationship will lead to breakdown,  I would like to point out three pivotal pointer to a successful relationship whether in courtship or in marriage, it is located in Proverbs 24:3-4,verse three (a) talks about  the material for building a house [wisdom],

in verse three (b) it highlighted another pointer that established the union [understanding], both party must understand each other deeply and verse four pointed to knowledge which fills the house (union) with precious things, I call them the three fundamental requirements for an unending blissful  union, by  visiting the links below you will have access to useful tips and steps that will boost your relationship life, some of the post and tips here will provide solutions to challenges and if you are not satisfied,you can  leave a question for the counselor to answer, I tell you your union will accelerate forward by keeping in touch with us on this subject, click any of the links below to get started,