The music star made this known via his Instagram page on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

In a lengthy post, the singer likened the situation in the eastern part of the country to a situation where a group of people are being cheated of their rights.

“I LOVE THIS COUNTRY, I can never choose another country over my country. I am Yoruba but I love all Nigerians, no matter the tribe. My career enjoyed more patronage in the east and south and North more than the west where I am from,” he wrote.

“I am grateful for the opportunities all Nigerians gave me to have a shot at stardom and popularity. I don’t take that for granted, in fact, I remain grateful for the rest of my life.”

“However TRUTH MUST BE TOLD, without fear or favour, without care about whose ox is gored. I know some will come out and say this should not be on the basis of tribe. Yes but I analyse issues by putting myself in the shoes of those who feel cheated.”

“It’s like having two of my friends with me and we are eating from a plate after being hungry for days. Then my friends are busy eating while they hold my hands and they keep telling me they’re eating for me. Please think about it.”

“I will be a fool to be quiet and stay hungry. But it won’t be long before I rebel and get violent because I am hungry yet I’m being held from having my share.

Paul Play

“Whoever calls himself a Nigerian and feels the Igbos do not deserve a shot is just being selfish and unreasonable. The signs are being written on the wall but we keep thinking the terror now growing in the east will die down or will go away. Hmmm. I hope I’m wrong because this peace won’t be for long.”

“I come in peace, I believe in equal right and justice for all. GOD BLESS NIGERIA. sorry GOD HAS ALREADY BLESSED NIGERIA. It’s up to me and you not to UNBLESS IT. Shalom.”

Dairo joins the list of celebrities who have been sympathetic towards the Igbos and their cry over being marginalised.

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