The young boy shared the photo sandwiched between his new ‘toys’ on social media prompting a plethora of comments.

The comedian shared the photo and wrote; ”God don do am. Double Double”

Kiriku began his comedy career when he was four years old. His ambition was to become a stand-up comedian. Kiriku has appeared in several comic shows, and despite being a small child, he has proven to be a gifted actor.

In the beginning, he competed in street acting competitions, which are usually held to test the abilities of young people.

Kiriku, who is now a celebrity, had to persuade his parents to let him enter the Nigerian comedy industry full-time after being chosen, and he was successful.

Kiriku, is an Edo State native who is a mix of the Bini and Orobo tribes. A Nigerian comic actor whose comedy skits depict the street lifestyle and a variety of other bizarre topics that usually make the audience laugh.

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