The government of Nigeria’s Cross River state has dethroned two traditional rulers following renewed violence in their communities over a land dispute.

A spokesperson for the Cross River state governor told the BBC that the monarchs from the Nko and Oyadama communities were deposed for failing to “rein in on their subjects”.

The dismissed traditional rulers in southern Nigeria have not yet commented publicly.

The latest round of clashes between their communities broke out on Friday leading to massive destruction of homes and farmland.

At least six soldiers were shot and wounded allegedly by some residents when troops were deployed to quell the violence.

The security forces are reported to have responded by opening fire – killing at least two civilians and injuring a number of others.

Residents have accused the security forces of “heavy handedness”

Nigeria’s constitution has no role for traditional rulers but they are nevertheless widely respected as custodians of both religion and culture.

The authorities often blame them when there is a breakdown of law and order in their respective communities.

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