The reality TV star made her frustrations known via her Twitter page on Sunday, July 3, 2022.

“And I’m going to address this once and only this once, I’ve been quiet on the whole husband snatcher issue, I DID NOT ruin any home, my silence is for the best of so many people involved. That I haven’t said my peace doesn’t make me weak, I am respecting so many people involved,” she tweeted.

“and their privacy, And for the rumours of me sleeping with several married men including a pastor, WE both laughed at it cause we literally breathe each other’s air day in day out and no room for dishonesty. When and if I ever start doing “runs”

“Not that I have any intentions of this or knock anyone off their hustle but my man does look after me and my family are also very much okay to look after me and I work my ass off to look after myself. And also if I ever chop breakfast I’ll chop it with ice cream.”

“Cause this is life But I’ll always be happy that’s a given and I promise myself that on this Gods given earth. But for now, I just want to dance under the sunset make nobody stop my enjoyment.”

It would be recalled that in 2021, a popular socialite, Cubana Chief Priest, accused the reality TV star of stealing his sister’s husband.

According to him, the reality TV star didn’t only have an affair with his in-law but also threatened his sister.

In a document later obtained by Pulse, Cubana Chief Priest’s in-law, Kelvin, and his wife, MaryAnn, were in court already for the dissolution of their marriage.

MaryAnn filed a suit for the dissolution of their marriage.

According to our source, the marriage between Kelvin and MaryAnn collapsed a few years ago

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